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Uhuru Is Bad, Allows Friends To Loot, DP Ruto Will Be Worse, Will Allow Kalenjins To Loot Mercilessly – Hon Wahome


TWICE last week I had to compare Uhuru and Ruto in two different conversations.
UHURU the man is this nice, cool guy. You may insult him on his twitter account and escape with “mimi matusi haishikilii kwa nguo zangu”. He is a local as well as an international fellow. Having studied in America, he knows when to switch to the nose and when in Gîthûrai, he knows how to spice up the jeshi in proper Gîkuyu. No, Uhuru is not a son of a President in character. I’m sure Uhuru has never stolen a coin from the public kitty.
HOWEVER on matters Presidency…aii…imemuweza. Something just doesn’t add up.

WILLIAM Ruto has the demeanor of a Kenyan strongman president. He is a pure local breed with almost zero links abroad. He is the Moi type. If he is not in harambees donating millions, he is doing goats auction in Meru and Kajiado. Other than the hustler jet episode, Rito’s outside missions are few. He is a stranger in Europe and America where baba is a resident. Ruto has powerful brains. He can push things. He can articulate issues with clarity. He is a hardworker. He is the employee who will always be home working.

NOW Ruto can be ill-hearted. He is the type that can take you down on the slightest challenge. Hot tempered and temperamental.
About Ruto Presidency, yes he has the features of a President in the body language. But with him in State House, expect a one-community looting spree with no apologies. And for that reason alone I’m out.

SO my three wishes for our good Deputy President vs Gîkuyu in 2022 are as follows.

Wish number 3: that he wins only if the Gîkuyu vote for him by huge majority.

Wish number 2: That the Gîkuyu community votes for him 99% but he still loses.

Wish number 1: that 99% of the Gîkuyu reject him and he loses in a landslide.


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