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How Migori Governor Obado’s Private Statement Over Sharon’s Murder Worked Magic, Shut Down Negative Propaganda


Migori governor Zachary Obado’s personal statement regarding murder of Sharon Otien was a master stroke, he employed reverse psychology to quiet the noise and negative propaganda linking him to murder of his girlfriend.

This is actually how the message was designed; See I loved her so much, even planned to buy her a house, she preferred Nairobi, but I wanted her in a big village HOUSE and here are the WhatsApp stuff, and am even asking you to pray for me…. coz I have lost a loved one…. for how can one kill that which he loves…

And see here is my beloved wife and kids… am a family man… can’t do evil!!!! Am cooperative with all investigative agencies so the heinous killers are brought to book…. and I won’t rest until that happens…. he is reiterating what the angry folks are saying… he is speaking like part of the public… using the exact same words the public is attacking him with….in solidarity with the angry public…

Well, human beings are wired to empathize and sympathize with that kind of talk…. it’s a summary of what the public has been ventilating about…. and that all the rumor you have heard is true, the romantic photos are real, but about the murder?? Big NO!!!! Everything is true other than the murder stories…

See that’s a good deal, a master stroke and the public normally believes and takes such a deal… ceding every accusation….but in exchange for you to not believe these murder stories….it’s a PLEA deal with the public… that I will admit that am the daddy, even admit that I used to sleep with her, even accept all the rumor mongering,, but in exchange please and am begging you… don’t believe these murder nonsense!!!

And It Worked Magic, it erassed all the bullshit Wanga, Sonko Savula and the gang have been pushing, now back to square one; can DCI fast track investigations and tell us who killed the governor’s slay queen? is that too much to ask? please act!

By Sospeter O


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