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We Are Under No Legal Obligation To Pay China Debts Uhuru Is Procuring for Corruption- Ahmednassir


Well, something tio smile this morning for Kenyans; top lawyer Ahmednassir has indicated that we are not obliged to pay China the billions they are loaning to Uhuru Jubilee regime to finance corruption for they are given under inducement of bribes and kick backs, check out tweets by senior counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi

One question though, it will be an uphill task to prove that kickbacks and bribes were at the centre of the loans.

Meanwhile its important that Kenyans hold demonstrations against Chines loans and if possible deport Chinese mennual workers if the government will not do it, its not xenophobia BUT really we must protest against allowing Chinese nationals to do simple jobs like photocopying and other clerical jobs.

In Zambia, the international airport is set to be taken over by China, in Sir-Lanka the national port is now in the hands of China while Greece’s major assets are in the hands of China. Resisting is the only way to stop UhuRuto borrowing appetite that many see as financing corruption activities.

We are in an economic cliff and its high time Uhuru is stopped from doing worse for the sake of our future generations.


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