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Final Word On Ongoing Demolitions, The Untouchables Are Shaken !


By Gilbert O Kenya
As the demolition of “illegal” structures built on road reserves and riparian land goes on (note the word illegal is in quotes since someone actually licensed the constructions), I hope that those who sold the land plus those who licensed the building of such structures have already been locked up in Kamiti.

Locking the dangerous land cartel up in Kamiti might not be enough since impunity is their middle name and impunity easily buys freedom in this country. Just to be sure, the keys to their cells should then be dropped into the deepest part of the Indian ocean.

Otherwise, when the dust from the demolitions settles, the cartel will still sell such protected lands to other unsuspecting Kenyans, including those where demolitions have been carried out.

In other words, we shall be treating symptoms while the real disease watches us from a distance, with a wry smile on its face.

It will be an exercise in futility. It’ll be akin to painting a donkey in black and white, then assuming that it has become a zebra.

The disease here is the vicious and untouchable land cartels.

Impunity in Kenya is synonymous with the cartels and big shots in government who sell forests, road reserves, and riparian land to unsuspecting Kenyans with abandon.

The gullible buyers will then go ahead to develop such land using their, most likely, hard earned money.

If you scratch the surface, you will find out that most of the victims of the ongoing demolitions are unsuspecting folks whose only sin might be that they were duped into buying plots on wrong locations.


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