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‘I have Money and Government Machinery to Finish You,” Sports CS Achesa threatens Hon Osotsi over Impeachment


Bully and functionally illiterate DP William Ruto’s lapdog Rashid Echesa has once proved that a fool and his status soon depart.

The Sports Cabinet Secretary openly threatened ANC nominated MP Geoffrey Osotsi who is has voiced plans to move an impeachment motion against the CS in Parliament over gross misconduct.

At the Kisumu international Airport yesterday, drama played out at the VIP section as Achesa eschewed decorum as a senior State official and dared Alego Usonga MP for a fist fight even as he told off Osotsi over the impeachment.

“Bring that thing and you will see what will happen. I have money. I will buy all the MPs. I also have government machinery to use against you,” Echesa is reported to have shouted as he told off Osotsi.

It all went down when Echesa had just arrived at the airport to board a Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi when Atandi accosted him over his alleged attacks against Nasa leader Raila Odinga

“I asked him why he was attacking Raila Odinga when it was Raila who picked him from the streets and made him the ODM youth leader. Instead of responding with decorum, he started shouting and howling insults, causing a scene at the VIP lounge with many dignitaries watching,” said Atandi.

Eye witnesses said Echesa was so upset that if it were not for the police who quickly moved in to diffuse the tension, blows would have been exchanged.

Echesa confirmed the incident but accused Atandi of provoking him.

“Atandi confronted me asking about my attacks on Raila. I asked him who Raila is. I told him Raila is a nobody and I’m a Cabinet Secretary. He got annoyed but there was no fight,” Echesa said.

Atandi, however said the Minister is just fat and all muscles with no strength.

“How can he rough up a fellow man? I held him by his neck tie. Ask the Airport police,” said Atandi.

“I told him that Raila was not his equal and that he should first go to school and get papers,” said Atandi, who sounded unapologetic.

Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi who witnessed the incident said the minister was out of order.

“There was no fight. It was polite talk between Atandi and Rashid. Rashid got a bit agitated but after a short time he calmed down after I told him to respect his position as CS because there were so many people at the airport,” said Otsosi, who has threatened to introduce an impeachment motion against Echesa.

On Saturday, Echesa, a former amateur boxer, launched a scathing attack on Raila, whom he accused of plotting to have him fired as Cabinet Secretary.

“With all due respect, I am not your (Raila’s) equal. The President was not stupid to appoint me. He knew the country had professors but I was still appointed. Raila, give me a break,” said an angry Echesa at a funeral in his hometown of Mumias.

When he was being vetted last year, the former ODM national youth leader denied that he has previously been involved in violence in Kakamega county. At the height of the campaigns for the 2017 elections, Echesa organized political activities to counter Nasa and CORD moves in Mumias.


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