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Dear Najibu Balala, Stop Being Sissy. This Is How To Grow Tourism In Kenya


How To Grow Tourism In Kenya

Kenya has potential to be a top tourist country, but has been unable. Yet, it is so simple. Here is what we need to do:

1. All hotels, restaurants & food kiosks that offer food to public must have minimum culinary standards … Githeri offered in a 5* Hotel and in a Kiosk must have minimum ingredients. Most tourists choose a destination bec of food. Think Vietnam, Italy, Greece.

2. Hassle-Free Entry: It is only JKIA that bags of incoming people are routinely checked. I have traveled to over 50 Countries … my bags have never been opened even once … It’s only JKIA that at times opens my bags. Opening of bags is violation of privacy & dignity. No tourist wants her private vote clothes to be seen by some over zealous official. Stop it!

3. Tour guides must be trained & knowledgeable…. When you visit South Africa, Greece, Italy, Turkey etc, you are mesmerized by the Tour Guides. They let you soak in History, Architecture and Sciences. Kenya tour guides only know where Carnivore is! Pathetic. …

4. Remove all beach boys …. Especially the Fake Maasais … and kiosks on the beaches …

5. Create And enable Entertainment Streets and Districts …. many tourists visit countries for Food, Drinks, Dance & Sex. Indonesia, a puritanical Moslem Country, hived off Bali to be a decadent Island. And bec of it, Indonesia receives 14million tourists annually and growing. The continued closing of Bars, Clubs and Red Light Districts In Kenya will kill tourism. Tourists are not Pilgrims .

6. Security be present but invisible…. in all top tourist countries, Crime is minimal yet you don’t see Policemen around … Plainclothes Police and CCTV Surveillance there Work.

7. And finally, Kenyans must learn to be friendly, courteous and honesty to tourists … Every Kenyan is an Ambassador Of Kenya … Tourists should and leave Kenya with fond memories … Don’t steal from them … Don’t con them.

Tourists don’t visit Counties to see animals or beaches …. These are by the way. Kenya keeps selling them and always goes out of its way to get awards for “Best Beach” or “Best Game Reserve”, But is all vanity. Sharm el-Sheikh has no beaches but receives millions of tourists. France has no beaches or animals.

That is all.


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