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ODM, JUBILEE MPs Brandish Guns in Nasty Bar Fight in Kilimani


Six MPs and a former legislator brought a popular high end bar to a standstill after they were involved in a serious gun drama with a Sudanese man in an upmarket bar in Kilimani area.

The six were having a drink at the popular Cedars bar on Lenana Road when one of them picked a quarrel with a Sudanese man who became violent. The bar is popular with politicians, judges, lawyers and business people.

MPs Sam Atandi (Alego Usonga), Teddy Mwambire (Ganze), Kapsaret’s Oscar Sudi, Lugari’s Ayub Savula, Kimilili’s Didmus Barasa and former Tiaty MP Asman Kamama were reportedly having a drink when a Sudanese sitting next to them began puffing a cigarette and smoke wafted towards them.

Smoking inside the bar is prohibited.

“When Atandi protested, the Sudanese grabbed a glass of beer and splashed it on the MPs,” Savula said.

The Sudanese man who boasted of being a poweful PS in South Sudanese President Salva Kiir’s government — provoked a reaction from Sudi and Barasa who protested and threatened to attack the lanky man.

Before the two could express their outrage, the Sudanese grabbed a bottle and threw it in Sudi’s direction. The MP ducked and the bottle hit the wall.

It was at that point that the bodyguards of the MPs and other patrons stepped in and threw out the man who called other Sudanese who came spoiling for a fight.

“A group of other people associated with the man walked in and caused a commotion as they tried at rescue him,” Barasa explained.

“We did not know they were mobilising outside and so within minutes the police arrived to find out what was happening. We explained to them who we are and what happened and they decided to leave,” Savula said.

“It was a bad scene. They were regrouping and tension was building up,” he added.

The Star reports that the Sudanese is said to be a regular patron of the bar. Some employees described him as an arrogant wealthy man.

“It is not the first time he has caused problems here. He has no regard for anyone and boasts that he is powerful and no one can do anything to him,” said a guard who asked not to be named.

Unconfirmed reports said that three of the MPs brandished their guns when it looked like things were getting out of hand.

“The Sudanese was in the wrong, he puffed cigarette smoke in Atandi’s eyes. I was not involved, I only moved in to save him (Atandi),” Savula said.


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