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Slowly It’s Sinking To DP Ruto That He ‘Will Never Be President’ -Hon Karanja


By Kiberenge Jnr

The arrogant hustler and his clique of supporters who are mostly driven by fantasies, illusions and halucinations are slowly coming to terms with the reality that him becoming a “President” in a country called Kenya is impossible and synonymous to the biblical proverbial camel going through the eye of a needle. His downwards trajectory is as fast as was his meticulous rise to the top echelons of power and wealth.

The massive power he wielded from 2013 to 2017 has been withdrawn leaving him a mere ceremonial DP whose only duty entail remains either idling in Harambee House Annex by reading newspapers or making noise and yelling in campaign rallies camouflaged as “launching development projects” or attending funerals.

The concerted purge on corruption and life style audit might not be targeting him, but clearly it seals the loopholes through which his proxies swindled tax payers money on his behalf, the likes of Rai. The panic and frustration in his camp is because the hustler will not be able to make an extra shilling through his proxies swindling the public coffers. On that front, H.E Uhuru is sitting pretty happy that he has accomplished step one of the mission towards his succession and legacy.

For the President, fighting corruption is killing two birds with one stone; slowing down the over ambitious hustler as well as slaying the corruption menace in general. The hustler will either choose to adopt the hunting character of an eagle by staying silent, focused and strategic or remain defiant and continue behaving like an adolescent male lion, seeking attention and dominance by bullying other lions in the park. It will be suicidal for him to choose the later because it will suffocate him financially midway and he will have played in to the hands of the oligarchs. The little billions he has accumulated is child’s play to the oligarchs combined resources. His main undoing is packaging himself as a “Mr money bags” attracting loyalists who don’t care about his cause, but are attracted by his fat wallet. This is something the oligarchs are really enjoying in their lounges with popcorns.

The wide ranging reshuffle and rearrangement in the government is a strategic big blow to the hustler because it is dismantling his networks, disabling his key allies and leaving him with helpless noise makers like Murkomen.
He has to contend with the painful reality that the computer system he endorsed in 2013 and 2017 has rejected him.


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