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Madman Miguna Miguna BADLY Attacks PM Raila Odinga Over Citizen TV Interview, Kenyans Turn Angry


In a preemptive move, ODM leader Raila Odinga during an interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday night refused to discuss the persona of Miguna Miguna.

But that did not deter the embattled NRM general from attacking Raila on his social media pages via the following message that has seen him roasted by Kenyans online.

He wrote;

“Mr. Raila Odinga appeared on Citizen TV a day before my petition against Uhuru Kenyatta is heard at the High Court in Milimani, thinking that he could influence the court if he cast aspersions on me. He is in for a rude shock.

If Raila Odinga is genuine and if his claim that he is Uhuru Kenyatta’s “brother” is to be believed, why was he being pushed around by junior police constables at the JKIA as a Makanga on March 26th? Or was that just another pathetic fake PR stunt?

On February 2nd, 2018 after my house was destroyed and I was abducted and detained by Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga didn’t condemn and has not condemned Uhuru Kenyatta for violating my rights.

On February 2nd, Justice Wakaiga ordered my release on bail but the court order was disobeyed by Uhuru Kenyatta. Why did Raila Odinga not condemn Uhuru Kenyatta for disobeying a court order?

On February 3rd, 2018, I obtained a HABEAS CORPUS order from Justice Luka Kimaru. The order compelled Uhuru Kenyatta to produce me dead or alive. The despot once again disobeyed that order. Why didn’t Raila Odinga condemn Uhuru Kenyatta and demand my unconditional release?

Between February 2nd and February 6th when the despots took me to Kajiado Magistrates’ Court and charged me with TREASON for having sworn-in Raila Odinga, the High Court had issued seven more orders directing Uhuru Kenyatta and his despotic agents to release me unconditionally. Why didn’t Raila Odinga speak out and demand my release since I had been charged for swearing him in?

When Uhuru Kenyatta kept Justice Kimaru at the High Court in Milimani until past 9pm on February 6th, why didn’t Raila Odinga demand my release?

After Uhuru Kenyatta forcefully and illegally removed me from Kenya on February 6th, 2018, why hasn’t Raila Odinga condemned my forced exile and demanded that I be allowed back into Kenya?

On February 15, 2018, Justice Luke Kimaru issued an order in my favour directing Uhuru Kenyatta to return my valid Kenyan passport within 7 days. Justice Kimaru also lifted the ban on the NRMKe and vacated the illegal cancellation of my passport and the purported cancellation of my citizenship. Justice Kimaru affirmed my citizenship by birth. He also stayed all criminal charges against me.

Why didn’t Raila call on his fake brother Uhuru Kenyatta to obey the court orders?

On February 26, 2018, Justice Chacha Mwita ordered Uhuru Kenyatta to issue me with a new Kenyan passport, to facilitate my return to Kenya as a Kenyan unconditionally. Why hasn’t Raila Odinga spoken up in defence of my human, legal and constitutional rights?

When Justice Aburili ordered Uhuru Kenyatta to release me unconditionally on March 27, 2018, why didn’t Raila Odinga demand compliance with the court order?

When Justice Odunga ordered Uhuru Kenyatta to release me unconditionally and directed him not to remove me from Kenya, why didn’t Raila Odinga demand that his fake brother obys court orders?

After Justice Odunga CONVICTED Fred Matiang’i, George Kihalangwa, Joseph Boinett and George Kinoti for contempt of court and sentenced them, why has Raila Odinga not demanded that they be fired from public office?

Mr. Raila Odinga, do you support torture and sedation of political opponents? Speak up. Stop mumbling.

How is Raila Odinga going to “help” Uhuru Kenyatta “fight corruption” with his mythical bridges to nowhere tumbocrats if he cannot even stop a junior police constable from pushing him around?

Mr. Raila Odinga, you can’t have it both ways. You either respect the Constitution, rule of law, human rights and democracy or you don’t.

You have shown that you don’t care about the constitution, rule of law, democracy or adherence and respect for human rights.

(Lastly, those peddling lies that Raila Odinga is the one paying my advocates should know that he has not even contributed one red cent. On the contrary, he has been putting pressure on most of my advocates to abandon my cases.)

Patriots, let’s march on and remove these despots from occupying public spaces which they have only used to enrich themselves. Viva.”


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