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Exposed: Details Of The Favours Raila Extended To Lunatic Miguna Miguna And Why Baba Is Right


By Antony Oyugi

Just read his long post on his purported betrayal by Raila Amollo Odinga and I have also actively countered his accusations on Twitter

Let’s get this straight

Miguna wasn’t in the official plan for the swearing-in of Raila Odinga. …Miguna in his normal robust bullish and typhoon-like attitude hijacked the process from TJ Kajwang….ask him why he wasn’t robed in legal attire while TJ was.

After the swearing in ceremony the drama began

Miguna’s house was vandalized by people claiming to be police officers. Miguna will not tell Kenyans that Raila paid for the repairs

Then the deportation movie started playing on.

Upon his arrest and when Miguna was being shuttled from one police station to another pro Raila and NASA lawyers stood by him. They not only offered him legal representation but also material support including buying him food, a mattress and a mosquito net while he was in custody

As to who paid them that’s neither here nor there but it’s not Miguna. Those lawyers were there basically because of Raila and NASA.

Come the deportation and the scenes at the airport..

The same lawyers moved swiftly to try arrest the situation but the police wouldn’t budge…they therefore resorted to offering Miguna support and solidarity and the airport. Raila did the same. He abandoned his schedule and spent hours at the airport trying to secure Miguna’s release

What did the lawyers and Raila get from Miguna in return for all this? He insulted the entire group as cowards traitors and thieves

Look here Miguna….men and women dedicated their resources and time for your sake and you insulted them. Most have stopped listening to you. Your issue stopped being about the rule of law and justice but about your attitude

On Raila abandoning you please note that Raila isn’t your father and even if he was you’re an adult…actually with kids. Raila will not change your diapers nor will he suckle you. Lift your body up and start sorting out your issue through the courts be they local or international… Social media isn’t a court of law!


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