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‘Biggest Challenge Facing Rift Valley is lack of Unity and Imaginary Loyalty’, Hon Franklin Bett


Rift Valley MPs have planned a huge convention to help suppress the simmering divisions that is threatening to tear one of the biggest voting blocks in the Country.

Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny confirmed that Rift Valley leaders are concerned with the emerging and shifting political dynamics and would soon hold a bonding retreat to cement the region’s unity.

“A retreat has been planned soon. There are concerns that there are certain sentiments and body language among leaders that appear to be alienating the Rift Valley region,” Kutuny said.

He said there was panic among some political leaders from the DP’s backyard over reports of a scheme within Jubilee to block Ruto from succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

“The panic exhibited by some leaders is alienating us from the system. Some MPs feel that we should not allow this to happen. Immediate attention is required so that we don’t appear to be fighting a losing battle,” the MP said.

Former Kipkelion MP Franklin Bett said the region’s unity was at stake unless an all-inclusive meeting is convened to solidify the political bloc.

The former Cabinet minister who is considered among the region’s most level-headed figures, warned, however, against what he termed a petty meeting that would focus on trivialities.

“ The meeting must focus on solid issues that enhance the welfare of our people,” Bett told a local Daily.

He said any meeting planned should bring together the rank and file of all political affiliations without any preconditions and brinkmanship.

“The meeting that I will attend must not be about discussing people. There is a tendency by some guys to discuss others. That I will not attend. The meeting I will attend must be interested in everybody, without strings attached,” he said.


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