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Kiss FM Boss ‘Summoned’ After Nudes With Two Women Went Viral


Married men, let’s converge here. We are doing badly of late:
By Kamasasa Eprahim
There has been a photo of a certain married man sandwiched between 2 young light skin slay queens, nude and in bath room. We need to be reasonable. The fact that you are married, whatever you do RESPECT must be guarded.

Even if you have no respect for your wife, then respect your children. Even if you no longer have interest in your current wife, at least respect your parents and parents in law.

Even if your wife is boring, at least respect the holy institution of MARRIAGE. Avoid taking photos with unreasonable slay queens who have no shame in the public opinion. I am not telling you to stop planting seeds in different gardens nor to stop swimming in different pools of different sizes, different temperatures and different levels of water. But if you must do it, then court a mature reasonable woman who has a name to protect too in the public arena. Building a career and a reputation is difficult. It takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Guard it!

You have a name to protect outside there while at the same time your TUK TUK wants to run in different roads, mind the subtract selection. Mind the roads. Mind the garden. Mind the pools. Stay safe. Lets keep our marriages. Lets keep and guard the reputation of our families.

Thank you!


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