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DP Ruto Regrets ‘Rigging Out’ Governor Isaac Ruto, Best Kalenjin To Handle Mt Kenya Mafia


By T Malanda

Two years ago, I wrote that William should have found a away of accommodating Isaac instead of pummeling him to ground. The hour would come, I mused, when certain forces would turn against William. In my view, there was only one man with the guts, political skills and mental muscle to return heavy and sustained fire. Isaac Ruto.

The hour is here. All those tanga tanga chaps hanging around the veep (for whatever reason) are chicken compared to Isaac Ruto. He’d have swung into this battle with a devilish grin, stinging like a bee, as he did when the ICC came calling

Funny how history repeats itself. Mboya finished Jaramogi. Kenyatta finished JM, and other radical kyuks who would have helped him cement a totally different legacy . Raila finished Tuju. Uhuru finished Martha. Now Ruto has finished Ruto. Yet the “finishers” would have been unbeatable with the “finished” in their tent. Imagine Baba backed by Tuju’s ruthless organizational abilities…

Raila being clever brought Anyang’ Ny’ong’o and James Orengo back to his inner team in 2002 after he had ‘finished’ them in 1997, they later played a key role in the NARC government and also in the coalition government. He has since stuck with with them and you can see he is still relevant at age of 72 !

When sibling rivalry hits the roof, the sensible thing is for one sibling to become the bigger person and to walk over and say, “Look, we come from one testicle. Let us eat obusuma nende ingokho together and talk.”

But you know ego. It always urinates on sense.

Meanwhile Isaac Ruto is almost done with his sabbatical and may hit the political scene;

“Nothing much has changed significantly, we still host the residents who come home. Once you are a leader, you are always one,” says Ruto. Perhaps bigger delegations will find their way into his three-gated home 14km off Narok-Bomet road at Kaboson centre before the end of the year when Ruto plans to rejig his political activity after over a one-year lull.
“I will end my sabbatical in October after a deserved rest, I want to strengthen my CCM party,” he says. The father of four also intends to have a countrywide push for cohesion, insisting that his generation now in power will take the blame if the country breaks down into tribal regions. Ruto says although he has certain views that are dear to him, he had decided to keep a low profile for political climate to settle and for the ruffled waters to be still.
“After last year’s General Election, however imperfect it was, I accepted to generally allow Kenyans to settle and move on. But I will remain vigilant lest the gains we made over the years are washed away,” he says. “As Kenyans, we must retain our heads and intellect and the capacity to debate and have robust disagreements without causing any bloodshed or breaking of any law.”


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