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Did Chiloba Steal Sh1 Billion From IEBC Prompting His Suspension?


Sh1 billion tax payer’s money has been plundered thanks to flawed procurement of materials for last year’s twin general elections, an internal audit report has revealed.

In a sworn affidavit, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati said anomalies unraveled include goods being delivered after the polls, inflated tenders and undelivered goods.

Chebukati said the revelations are the reason the commission’s decision to suspend the chief executive Ezra Chiloba.

“Since Chiloba is the CEO and various issues have emerged, the commission found it necessary to suspend him pending the completion of investigations.”

He noted that the suspension was premised on the fact that all employees, including the auditors, are answerable to him (Chiloba).

His suspension, he said, was to ensure he does not interfere with ongoing investigations.

“Members noted that the in-depth procurement audit by both internal and external auditors was yet to be completed and that the presence of the CEO may interfere with the internal audit,” the affidavit states.

Mr Chebukati cites June 19, 2018, when Mr Chiloba allegedly wrote him a letter categorically warning him to stop the audit process.


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