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Powerful Tribute To Raila Man DONALD KIPKORIR’s Daughter From The Kisii Banana Peddler


By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

It is heartwarming to celebrate and felicitate senior counsel Dr. Donald B. Kipkorir’s daughter who just graduated the penultimate day in one of the prestigious schools in Kenya. I want to take pleasure in joining the rest of my fellow compatriots who have readily drenched the young intelligent girl with waters of saintly accolades in the streets of Facebook and Twirrer. She truly deserves them. It gladdens my heart that despite being birthed in a well-to-do, the girl knows well there is no tree in her father’s compound that grows money.

She has elected to read harder and make her own some day. Indeed, the fille has convincingly proved beyond any iota of doubt that she took after her industrious parents. For haters and traducers burning with anger, keep hurling stones the stones jealousy at the person young egghead until you fatigue. After all, we all know the tree that stones are directed at. But remember to seek God and repent. Please!

The young lady graduated from GEMS Cambridge International School, Karen emerging the best student. To buttress her brilliance, the girl was a valedictorian at the graduation ceremony held in her school. For those who are not accustomed to GEMS, it is a prestigious international school that encompasses less local students. It therefore means that Ms Kipkorir fried both local and international students in the same pan. Kenyans are blazing the trail world over. But as a country, we are still on journey heading to nowhere.

Congratulations to legal cognoscente Dr. Donald B. Kipkorir’s family and to all Kenyans. Donald is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions. As an unrivalled and distinguished grammarian, he is the man who influenced my love for writing. I am really grateful to him for initiating me into his literary museum. As a respecter of the muse, I believe in Donald’s exceptional natural capacity of intellect. Congratulations to Jadine Kipkorir and other Kenyans who make us proud out there. The joy of any parent is to see their children triumph in their endeavors. By her sterling performance, Ms Kipkorir just did that for her country and parents.

Like father, like daughter in the scholarly world. I am just a banana peddler but that doesen’t mean when I detect a meritorious achievement, I can’t acknowledge and celebrate it nevertheless. You see, during our days, children used to obey their parents unlike today where parents obey their children. Donald has proved this narrative otherwise because he nurtured his daughter with maximum discipline. That is why I am writing about her today.

The achievement of Kipkorir’s daughter; just like any other Kenyan citizen in the Diaspora is what all Kenyans ought to celebrate with patriotic enthusiasm. We should close our eyes to the antecedents of the brilliant father in Donald. Donald Kipkorir has trained and academically armed his daughter. After campus the pulchritudinous young missy will be ready to join other formidable intellectual Kenyans who make us proud world over.

Luckily for Donald, he is a man who shares traits with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His daughter’s exemplary performance is proof positive that when you do right, God never forsakes you. As a straight thinking bloke, Donald has never dined with the Kenyan political vultures. He has never sullied his reputation by soiling his hands. His integrity and intellectual acuity remains intact. He hasn’t shamed us by hurtling into a government whose motive is to loot the nation red and bring the Treasury to near zero. He has never traumatized our collective memory as a nation. Hopefully, we will never mourn his expunge from the constituency of the great thinkers and exit from literary consciousness.

Young miss Kipkorir’s exceptional performance keeps tomorrow’s hope alive. With such a great mind, she has she has proved that we can break away from the ugly past and face the future with eagerness and gradually return our nation to decency. Kenya has a lot of great minds yet untapped. We only need to break away from the shenanigans of the past i.e. corruption of cutting corners and face the future with unhindered progress and opportunity. The emergence of great minds like the young Miss Kipkorir, only confirms that meritocracy has been born to replace mediocrity. With people like her, the future is reassured.

Finally, to the young girl, I wish you well in the courses you are about to read. But I want assure you on one thing, your father is a great man. The fact that he shares the first name with this other character called Trump does not mean he shares his weird traits. Always keep a good company, surround yourself with persons whose IQ is anything but170 and above, just like yours. Always remember the saying that “A still tongue makes a wise head” Be quick to learn but slow to condemn. Although “A watched pot never boils” always be careful of every decision you make in life. Work hard and smart and your father will support you.

Always learn to make amends when you make mistakes to avoid pitfalls especially in this country where we are religious but ungodly. Otherwise with future leaders like you, Kenya will not only be on the road to greatness, but she’ll be the hub of investment and the cynosure of all eyes in the comity of nations. When you journey Kisii County with your parents someday, we can share a cup of uji together. Once again, congratulation to the Kipkorirs.

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(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)


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