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I love Wrinkled Meat, Young Girls are Lazy and Demanding- Bedroom Bully Wazir Chacha Opens Up


Benson Masubo alias Wazir Chacha, who was arrested and charged for illegally soliciting money from members of parliament is back with a bang.

Chacha’s moment of fame came following claims that he had fraudulently obtained money from MPs and Cabinet secretaries while pretending to be Murang’a Woman Rep Sabina Chege.

It is claimed that the 25-year-old made the MP’s colleagues believe that she was sick, and using her number, got many politicians to send him money through mobile money transfer.

Bu he is best known for bedding over 13 MPs.

On Valentines, as inherent of jilted lovers, Chacha released intimate photos of him with former Bomet Woman Rep Dr Cecilia Ng’etich, claiming she had used and dumped him. Dr Ng’etich denied having had any romantic relationship with Chacha.

Police tracked Chacha and arrested him in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, on April 1. He was arraigned in court and charged with six counts before being freed on a Sh3 million bond or Sh1 million bail pending hearing on August 6, 2018.

In an interview with the Nairobian, he intimated on why he prefers older women.

“It’s true that I’ve a soft spot for older women because my past relationship with young girls never ended well. Elderly women are easy to treat because they know what they want and love back,” gushes Chacha, adding that, “my female age mates demand a lot, they are materialistic and want unnecessary attention.”

Some people thought that he was using juju to attract female politicians. But Chacha insists that “I’ve never used kamuti (love potions) to win any woman as claimed, neither have I ever asked for financial support from the women I dated.”

Chacha says that when it comes to flooring older women, one “secret is being supportive and offering solutions and connections, which is easy for me because I know people”.

Since his release women have not given him much peace considering that “I’ve received a lot of requests, tens of women are asking me to date them and leave elderly women, others are asking for financial support… I’ve not fallen for those seeking intimate relationships though.”

Chacha says he was treated well in the 10 days he spent cooling government porridge at Industrial Area Remand Prison.

“I was staying in Block L, which is meant for fraudsters. Most of the guys there are Nigerians. My stay there wasn’t as bad and I was treated well,” he says.

While he was marking time in prison, his social media life was cracking. Over 3,000 followers were hooked on his Facebook timeline, overwhelming the man now running a charitable outfit by the name Social to Humanity, with a Pakistani national to support the girl-child.

“It’s good that I’m out now. My family has been very supportive and I’m now running my own things like Social to Humanity which aims at improving the welfare of the girl-child,” he said.

The son of former mayor of Kehancha in Kuria and the last born in a family of three cleared high school in 2009 in Nyanza, where he claims his studies were regularly interrupted due to minor brain tumour and frequent headaches, blurred vision and bleeding.

Chacha claims he left the country to study for a degree at the University of Manchester in 2011, but dropped out two years later, citing health issues but shortly landed at the Ministry of Devolution as a private secretary, a position that allowed him to make useful connections with prominent politicians.

His job at the Ministry of Devolution ended following the first NYS scandal in 2015.


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