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Raila Beats Ruto Hands Down in Latest Move to Curb Rebellion in ODM


In a Diplomatic move that has left foes and allies bemused, ODM leader Raila Odinga yesterday told party members they are free to ‘manoeuvre’ without fear of being gagged.

This was a reaction to Deputy President William Ruto’s forays into his strongholds that had caused panic in Chungwa.

The enigma told the party members they can do as they please as the country is not in a campaign mood.

However, Raila told MPs who have shifted loyalty that they should be ready to toe the party line in 2022.

“ODM is therefore not on the campaign trail for 2022 and is not threatening those who have started campaigns,” the former Prime Minister said in a statement signed by his spokesman Dennis Onyango.

This is a skillful strategy to avoid any political confrontation that could threaten his March 9 handshake deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said for now, the party’s focus is on successfully pursuing the Building Bridges initiative to stabilise the country and put it on the path to progress.

“However, when the legally stipulated campaign period comes, ODM will whip all its members and rally them behind its candidate,” Raila said.


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