Home Opinion The Shocking At FIFA That Many Cannot Believe

The Shocking At FIFA That Many Cannot Believe


Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter- Photo Courtesy

By Gab Oguda

I am actually shocked that Kenyans are shocked that a FIFA referee can receive a bribe to influence the outcome of a match he’s officiating.

I guess you all need to read that book on the insane corruption that has been going on at FIFA since Joao Havelange; the staggering amounts that have been exchanging hands in Zurich will make you lose trust in your most favourite sport.

I mean, even Prince William and David Cameron were at the centre of investigations for compromising a FIFA Vice President to influence their voting for the England World Cup 2018 bid. Surely, even the Qatar 2022 bid was bought off, with Issa Hayatou eating handsomely in his position as Sepp Blatter’s deputy.

You people. The South African Football Association wired ten million dollars to Jerome Valke, then FIFA Secretary General, who, in turn, wired that cash to Jack Warner’s private account, in exchange for South Africa winning the bid to host the 2010 World Cup. You think the Kenyan government is corrupt.

Until you read the FBI investigative reports on the massive looting at the FIFA headquarters.


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