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Top Women Leaders Quiet After Three Girls Raped At Moi Girls Nairobi; Covering Up For The Principal Jael Mureithi?


By Scophine Otieno

Have Female MPs called a conference to DEMAND the indictment of Moi Girls Principal especially following claims that victims were silenced with promises of Sponsorship?

Sabina Chege easily threatens CJ Maraga with revisiting but hasn’t said a word on this.

Wamuchomba should take a break from polygamy advocacy and attend to this urgent matter.

Which Harambee is Wanga attending this weekend? Her voice is needed.

Where is that caucus of lawyers who only speak on divorce calling themselves FIDA?

Where are these women leaders to collectively come out strongly on rape matters in this Country because their voice gives hope and their assertive statement can go along way in speeding up issues.

They were very loud when a stranger was seducing them (Kwani what’s wrong with being seduced, si they’re still women only with public responsibility and titles?) But are silent on this?

Irrespective of political affiliation, this is the time they should come out and speak in one VOICE!

Or some Chacha is massaging their wrinkles…


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