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The End Of The Honey Moon; Uhuru Openly Asked DP Ruto To Stop Politicking


By Kiberenge Jnr
Does it surprise any one that Uhuru is openly asking Ruto to stop politicking? Isn’t it intriguing that Uhuru allowed Ruto to politick in 2013 through to 2017 without restrictions? Yes, he allowed it because he needed a second term. Ruto was allowed to constantly remind all and sundry from 2013 to 2017 that “Sisi tumejipanga hadi 2032. Hao wengine wangoje 2037”. Isn’t unfair that Uhuru is not allowing Ruto to maintain and sustain this message?

The President has been loudly categorical that “Kenya is bigger than 2022”. Pundits must be wondering why Kenya was not bigger than 2013 and 2017. He doesn’t want to hear the 2022 hullabaloo and does not give a damn. Uhuru is executing an elaborate scheme towards 2022. It’s very obvious that Ruto has technically been knocked out of the succession plan.

Bringing in Raila through a handshake was a calculated move to cut the hustler to size. It was one stone meant to kill several birds. First, it is very dangerous to betray Ruto while Raila is outside the government. Indeed very very dangerous. The two can gang up and re-invent 2007×1,000. For those who have a third political eye, you understand what that means.

Secondly, Raila being inside reduces Ruto’s stature in as far as clout is concerned. Third, Raila successfully antagonised Jubilee from 2013 to 2017. Uhuru would not want to go through the same experience in his second term. So he applied the Miechevelle principle “It is better to have Raila inside urinating out than to have him out urinating inside”.

No person on planet earth would want to go through the night mare of being a President with Raila on the opposite side as opposition Leader. Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru would never want to go through such an experience again.

Raila and Uhuru have historically disagreed on everything in their political careers. But suddenly they find themselves connected by a common interest like never – that their safety beyond Uhuru’s Presidency is more important than anything else. That safety is being threatened by a fellow roaming around as a Hustler. The chicken seller was allowed access to the King’s palace. Now the Kings have realised the palace is stinging and smelling chicken pee. This will be stopped. Infact, Ruto’s access to Statehouse is completely restricted, unlike the first term when he could drive in and out at will. There is a fellow deliberately planted there by Uhuru called Kinuthia Mbugua who has no time for Ruto, at all.

Back to the 2022 matrix: The oligarchs are done with Ruto, technically. They are now grappling with the question of who will take over, and in this, they are toying with various options on the table. Gideon Moi, is not among the options for them. But he has been entailed to play the role of keeping Ruto busy in Rift Valley by antagonizing him as he waits for his turn in future. Before Gideon takes over in future, an outsider will hold brief for him for ten years, just like Kibaki who is an outsider held brief for Uhuru. The options on the table are Raila, Mudavadi and Kalonzo.

The oligarchs are seriously toying with the idea of a Raila Presidency. For them, they would rather have a tired 78 year old Raila as President than an arrogant, dangerous,unpredictable and over ambitious hustler.
Very many things are happening behind the scenes and only time will tell.


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