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Top Ten #SCAMS Told By Nairobi Men To Get Ladies In The Box


By Scophine Otieno

Men on these streets be here telling us how nitumie fare nikuje be scam yet they’re lords of scams.

1. Acha basi niskie tu hako kajoto.. Scam

2. Usijali, sitamwaga ndani, my withdrawal game deserves an Oscar. Next thing you know, the nigga is painfully grabbing your weave, nugu inamwaga ndani.

3. Huyo dame simjui walai, amekuwa akini katia but simtaki

4. I chewed black out kwa bar, I swear sikulala mahali

5. I just want us to be friends 😎

6. Twende tu nitalala kwa kiti …

Scumbags… Lords of scam

Anyway, I’m coming back later to give my misgivings over an issue… Activism has been reduced to stunts. Wacha nidunge job kwanza..


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