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On This National Prayer Day Lets Remember Brothers In The ‘Friend Zone’ Who Do Everything But Get Zero Sex


By Sydney Obachi

National prayer day I want to remember my brothers in the friend zone.
1. Those who drop her to her boyfriends house.
2. Those who listen to the bullshit her boyfriend has done and still pay for the lunch.
3. Those who escort her to the bus stop.
4. Those who have even met the boyfriends parents.
5……………and many more.
I pray that you find peace and get your shit together.

Meanwhile jana one Scophine Otieno had an interesting experience in a matatu going home; read it , very interesting hahahaha

On my way home this evening ,from my backseat, I watched in awe as a young man roughly in his late twenties left his seat for a woman carrying a child.

While his thoughts might have challenged him to a single combat and landed strikes that would have left him nursing second thoughts, he did not hesitate.

I can only imagine the war his mind must have waged.

“Why should I leave my seat for her yet I’ve paid a whooping 50bob, what was she thinking boarding a full bus?..This one looks like mdhamaki, they’re the reason Unga is 150 for supporting Ali baba and his minions”

Instead, his conscience must have thrashed those thoughts with heavy blows and thus all he saw was a woman whose expression bore fatigue and cautious of standing too long in the cold with an infant, hopped on the bus without second thoughts.

I almost went on one knee and proposed to him.

Almost pledged to share the burdens of life with him, allow him win an argument once a year, tolerate his Mother, be reasonable enought to oblige him one mpango wa kando after we’ve had two kids and lived for 15 years, promise not to wear Mama Taa for Women rep T-shirts to bed and minimize headache excuses when he wants to do da ting.

They don’t make em’ like him no more.

Earlier in the day, I saw a motorist slow down for an elderly man who seemed like he had just landed by Matunda bus from Khwisero in search of the fruit of his loins whom he has not seen in eons.

A son who is probably resting his big head on rangi ya thao coloured twin moulds of flesh, perky and firm.

Something must kill a man… While some are felled by the bullet, this son has decided that whatever will kill him must be warm, wet and attached to a squirming body.

His father was roaming the streets trying to locate him using the vague directions he gave.

The old man wore his white hair like an ornament and his ignorance like a badge of honour for he crossed the road like a man leisurely walking on his piece of land bequeathed to him as a birthright.

In a normal day I expected loud hoots mired in curse words like

“,Mzee enda chunga wajukuu nyumbani kama hujui kuvuka bara bara, bloody kom diel”

Instead, the motorist with great patience waited and blocked the rest to allow the Mzee cross.

Good people are everywhere, sometimes we focus so much on negativity that we are oblivious to the small and random acts of kindness around us.

With a lot going on in this journey called life, at times these simple acts is all you need to put a smile on your face and restore your faith in humanity.

What a day. How was yours?


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