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WHY Dr David Ndii Confirmed Ongoing Stunts On Corruption Is A Mt Kenya Mafia Ploy To FINISH DP Ruto


By Kenya O Gilbert
The straight shooting Dr. Ndii now says that the current spate of unearthing mega corruption scandals in the Jubilee regime is aimed at finishing one William Ruto politically.

Let that sink in for a moment. There is no reason to doubt that the cerebral economist is absolutely right. It is true that the owners of Kenya can finish Ruto any time they want and he should have seen it coming.

If you’ve some knowhow on the way things work in this oligarchy called Kenya, then you should know that the NIS is likely to have a dossier the size of two bibles on W.S. Ruto’s dealings since he was a mere chicken merchant some 30 years back.

Now, that is one lethal weapon that can be used against a politician who is as ferociously ambitious as Ruto. The plot thickens when the said politician has some dark dealings or smiley skeletons in his closet.

However, that’s not my main concern. I have just been wondering about the motive behind Dr. Ndii’s public confirmation of what some of us have been suspecting all along, and even actually pointed out here before.

I am sure it can’t be that Dr. Ndii has suddenly started growing fond of Ruto lately. Neither can the fiery economist be sympathetic to Ruto’s current predicament.

Whatever Dr. Ndii’s motive was, when he aptly described what the sudden surge in unearthing the rampant looting in the Jubilee government is all about, during a recent appearance on KTN’s #CheckPoint; one thing is clear: it’s a very difficult time to be William Ruto.

But wait a minute. Who is this saint called Ruto that a serious purge against corruption might just bring down with a thud which may cause seismic reverberations across the corrupt continent of Africa? That’s for you to judge.

You see, I don’t give a hoot about who gets finished in the irredeemably corrupt Jubilee regime. In fact, the faster these hyenas finish each other the better for all us.

Let them tighten the noose around each other’s necks until they puke and excrete whatever they have stolen (from the hapless Kenyan taxpayers) from all openings on their bodies. There shouldn’t be any mercy for these ruthless Jubilee looters. This kind of looting can’t happen without big fish in government being involved.

Don’t these guys carry loaded guns in their pockets during those cabinet meetings? I am imagining of a scenario where they can disagree and go hammer and tongs at each other in one of those meetings.

For once, they should make good use of those guns and shoot the hell out of each other in their next Meeting of meat eaters. None of them is clean.

That way, they will save us a lot of resources spent in the wild goose chase that the EACC and the Kenyan police love calling “thorough investigations”.

Truth is, nobody in Jubilee is clean. If there is anybody in the Jubilee government who has not stolen from the public, then he or she is an accomplice. This includes those voters who insisted on TANO TENA.

We desperately need to begin on a clean slate.
The current government, – beginning with the executive, all the MPs and senators – need to be overhauled. That’s the only way we can begin winning the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, let the witch hunt continue. Watu walimane ndani ya Jubilee sawasawa. Finya mtu kabisa.


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