I Will Continue Working With Raila Mpende Msipende, Wacheni Upuzi- Uhuru Tells Ruto Allies Opposed to Handshake


    President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday reaffirmed his commitment to unite Kenyans saying he “won’t be intimidated by anyone in the execution of his duties”.

    The president, in his speech at a function in Embakasi East, said he respects everyone and will focus on delivering his mandate of uniting and serving all Kenyans without prejudice.

    “Mimi naheshimu kila mkenya na sitishwi na mtu yeyeote. Watu waelewe vizuri. Heshima sio utumwa jameni…Mtu asifikirie ya kwamba mimi ni mtu wa kutishwatishwa huko. Kama ni vitisho tutaona vitisho itazidi upande gani. Mimi sio mtu wa kutishwa.”

    (I respect every Kenyan but I won’t be intimidated by anyone. People should understand that. Respect is not slavery. Let no one think they can intimidate me. If it is about intimidation, we shall see which side will be more intimidated. I’m not a person to be intimidated)

    “…hata Babu Owino na George Aladwa (Makadara MP) ni rafiki yangu. Tuwache upuzi jameni.”

    (Even Babu Owino and George Aladwa are my friends. Let’s stop this nonsense)

    He spoke at Jacaranda Grounds in Donholm where he had gone to issue title deeds to city residents.

    Uhuru made the remarks in response to a statement by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko that the president should not feel intimidated over his choice of lawyer Miguna Miguna as is deputy.

    “My aim is work with you Sonko and uplift the lives of city residents. Build roads, issue title deeds, supply water, and give jobs to the youth,” he said.

    Uhuru told off those who have been criticising his handshake with Opposition leader Raila Odinga saying he is ready to work with all Kenyans.

    “Many out here are criticising me saying ‘what is that you did to go talk with Raila?’ Raila is a Kenyan and I have a right to talk all people whose aim is to see our country go forward. We don’t want divisions anymore,” he said.

    The president spoke following signs especially in Rift Valley (read Kalenjin nation) of opposition to the ‘Building Bridges’ initiative that he has embarked on with Raila. Jubilee senate majority leader the hawkish Kipchumba Murkomen has been on front-line issuing conditions to Raila for the handshake to work

    He asked other leaders to desist from engaging in dirty politics and focus on development projects that will benefit all Kenyans.


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