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HERE Is The Statement By Hon Musalia, Hon Kalonzo and Hon Wetangula Over Corruption That Media Ignored


May 30, 2018



We NASA Principals note with concern the shocking escalation of pillaging and plunder of public coffers abetted by the Jubilee regime.

We wholesomely condemn the “smoking-mirrors” approach by government to arrest a crisis that has mutated to a national disaster. Other than insincere promises to nub the culprits, we do not see any serious commitment to get to the real masterminds
of the robberies.

It is obvious that government systems have broken down under the weight of induced fraud. NASA will take the government seriously only when those in positions of influence in and outside government are paraded in courts with watertight evidence to convict, and not the current charade involving only proxies.

Like a cancer, corruption has spread to all our core sectors and appears the main business being pursued under Jubilee.

Kenyans’ hopes and dreams are being shattered as the Jubilee regime has turned institutions into cash cows for the
anointed few.

You turn the pages of Kenya Power, Kenya Pipeline Company, Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Bureau of Standards, Kenya Ports Authority and all you get is a festival of plunder.

Our youth are our hope but with the looting of more than Kshs9.6bn at the National Youth Service, the Youth are pawns in
the marauding orgy of theft.

It will appear we create agencies like the Youth Enterprise Development Fund for the express
purpose of siphoning public money in the name of our suffering youth.

Our hard working farmers toil hoping to earn a decent and fair return from their sweat, only for the corruption-infested National Cereals and Produce Board to rip them off through obvious government-aided and orchestrated maize
subsidizing schemes.

Speaking of which, Counties are under a heavy burden of hired medical equipment procured by Jubilee regime under unclear terms, and whose running costs keep escalating. Counties cannot afford basic medical supplies because they must first service the Ksh10 billion annual worth of leases thus mocking the failing idea of universal healthcare under NHIF. Indeed, NHIF is another fraud waiting to unravel given that Kenyans are paying for services they don’t get.
Who is benefitting from these arrangements? County governments are footing these heavy bills that benefit a few select and imposed suppliers by the Jubilee regime.

Kenyans need to wake up to the nightmare that is the Jubilee regime; for starters, the first Madaraka Day gift after election that Jubilee has for Kenyans is unbridled plunder of national coffers. This is not the time to cheer, but the time to call Jubilee to order; tell us whether all these loot went into funding elections last year.

We caution President Uhuru Kenyatta that he can only exonerate himself as CEO of complicity if he acts resolutely using
the legal instruments at his disposal. This is not the time to once again ask Kenyans “what do you want me to do?” Let
there be no scared cows in the Presidency, Cabinet, at Treasury, Central Bank, in the Banking Sector or in the business
This is not the time to create other institutions to ostensibly fight corruption. Existing institutions only need the freedom to
work diligently, independently, quickly and decisively. Creating other quasi-institution and roundabout political approaches
will only help to mask the masterminds, create more opportunities for kickbacks and only punish the sidekicks.
We do not expect the government to turn the fight against graft into a mere public spectacle either. We don’t need loud noises that lack evidence and prosecutorial content. We don’t want another Kabura II. It is not the time to hoodwink Kenyans by going for small-fish; but time is ripe to nab all those behind the veil of power who are the real lords of corruption. And it is the president who can bring the curtain down on the real culprits.

We caution Kenyans to be vigilant though and ensure that this time round, the Jubilee regime does not get away with this vice that is stealing Kenyans’ future.


Sen. Moses M. Wetang’ula, EGH
H.E.Dr. S. Kalonzo Musyoka, EGH
Hon. W. Musalia Mudavadi, EGH


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