Home News Drama: Safaricom Blocks Kenya Police on Twitter

Drama: Safaricom Blocks Kenya Police on Twitter


Giant telco Safaricom on Wednesday morning blocked the Kenya Police on Twitter.

The Police Service revealed this by sharing a screenshot on its handle indicating it had been blocked.

The image was accompanied by a tweet that said, “@Safaricom_Care we are unable to interact with you as we are blocked.”

The service provider later unblocked the cops after the above complaint.

“Thank you @Safaricom_Care. All is well now,” Police Service said in a tweet.

It remains unclear why Safaricom would choose to block the police from seeing or replying to its tweets from the customer care desk.

The scenario plays out like that of May 11 when it emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta had unfollowed DP William Ruto on Twitter.

A check on the President’s handle indicated that he followed only 33 people.

Ruto was, however, not among the only six Kenyans the president followed.


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