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Current NYS Scandal Follows Script Of The First One Under Ann Waiguru, ‘STATEHOUSE’ STAGE MANAGING Arrests?


Current NYS scandal follows the script of the past one.

1. Create a media hype around the scandal to arouse public reactions. Why are the details in the media so scanty? Someone is controlling the script. Even a new Kabura has been manufactured with very sensational claims

2. Top officials to claim no money was lost, even wonder how such a large sum could have been lost without collapsing the service. Genuine NYS suppliers have probably collapsed since their bills were never paid. The funny thing being that even if you genuinely supplied NYS you can’t publicly declare so with all the stigma surrounding the institution.

3. Conduct dramatic raids and arrests followed by a show trial to cool public anger. How come the Minister who was in-charge has not yet been arrested? How stupid could the new NYS director general be to have dipped fingers in the cookie jar without covering himself? Do you remember how the former minister in charge of NYS now in manning the health minsitry behaved when the President tried to warn the corrupt when opening a unit in Tenwek Mission Hospital? She laughed off the threat in a manner never before seen in Kenya

4. Suspects are acquitted for lack of evidence or maybe some small fish fried to satiate our anger. As some have asked how come EACC are not involved in all this? Why do they exist seeing that they have no role to play here?

5. Scandal files closed. Public moves on to another scandal. Do we know how much was ever recovered from NYS Season I suspects? What was the purpose of that process?

It is obvious that NYS is a clearing house for election finances. Anyone who takes the so called war on graft/grand theft seriously should have his head examined. These guys know that in a few days time the story will be dead thanks to our collective 2KB memory.

Empraim N


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