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CORRUPTION LEAGUE: Kenya Vs Uganda; Read Out The Scores


By Duncan Kibwage Makori

Uganda: An officer presented receipts of a car fueled with petrol while heading to Gulu district & for the return journey, he presented receipts of the same car fueled with diesel.

Kenya: NYS official purchased a car Tyre at Ksh 1,000,000.

Kenya 3-1 Uganda

Uganda: Abim Chief Administrative Officer[Moses Nandhala] said that termites ate accountability papers worth UGX900,000,000

Kenya: In one year, NYS paid Ksh1,100,000,000 for beef as food for 45000 recruits meaning each recruit consumed 66Kgs on a daily basis

Kenya 3 – 2 Uganda

Uganda: UGX499,000,000 was lost as officials from Ministry of Local Gov claimed allowances for 1036 nights in one year, yet a year has 365 nights.

Kenya: Kenya failed to mark world Anti-Corruption day as funds meant for organisation of the event went missing

Kenya 4 – 2 Uganda

Uganda: Global Fund scandal: UGX95,800,000,000 meant for malaria & tuberculosis drugs programmes was stolen by senior Ministry of Health officials

Kenya: The Afya House scandal, senior Ministry of Health officials in October 2016 stole over KSh5,000,000,000

Kenya 4-3 Uganda

Uganda: NSSF paid UGX11,000,000,000 for 414 acres of land, with each acre going for UGX24,000,000

Kenya: Businessman Peter Muthoka acquired a Ksh1,100,000,000 loan using JKIA Airport title deed, MP Adan Keynan acquired Ksh1.3bn using Wajir Airport title deed.

Kenya 5-3 Uganda

Uganda: ID Scandal, In 2010 Gov. borrowed over UGX150,000,000,000 to finance the project, Only 400 ID’s were produced

Kenya: Galana & Mwea Scheme scandal, National Irrigation Board awarded 15 irregular tenders worth KSh953m, the project worth Ksh3.5b collapsed

Kenya 5-4 Uganda

Uganda: In 2011, UGX4,000,000,000 was paid for procurement of 70,000 bicycles for LCs but no single bicycle was delivered.

Kenya : Ann Ngirita was supposed to supply foodstuff, stationery, hammers and firewood for NYS, she supplied nothing but was paid KSh59m

Half-time Result:
Kenya 6-5 Uganda


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