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SIX REASONS Why Raila Must NOT KEEP QUIET Over Raging Corruption Scandals In Uhuru Regime


By Cyprian Nyamwamu

…………….But now there are six problems with the latest call on Baba to ling’ thii (to keep quiet kabisa) as theft heists and scandals get exposed and theft and looting normalized through Bunge committees chaired by ODM MPs, who are Luo as well.

The First problem is that enhanced corruption hurts Luos and Baba supporters more than it hurts Kikuyus and Kales. The accounts receiving corruption money are Kikuyu/GEMA and Kalenjin elite owned in ninety percent of the time. These two ethnic communities will not suffer as much harm as the Baba supporters from corruption. Let’s be plain.

Secondly, Luos are tax payers. Their money is being stolen together with that of all the others. Just that the thieves are from the other ethnic communities in power so the current chorus of “we will not die others” may sound attractive but its sadly the case of cutting your nose to spite your nemeses.

Thirdly, by telling Uhuruto supporters that “you voted for them , now eat your nyanjes”, the Baba court jesters are conceding without knowing that Baba actually lost to Uhuruto votewise. I thought 70% of Kenyans did not vote for Uhuruto? I thought NASA said the server says majority of voters on 8/8 voted for Baba? If the minority voted for Uhuruto , why concede government to a clique that rigged elections saying that we told you they are thieves but you elected them? Did Raila lose the 8/8 election to Uhuruto and the server has confirmed this hence the resignation to ” you voted for them, now suffer the consequences?”. So who are these who voted for Uhuruto and not NASA? So NASA actually lost? I thought the election was rigged? Was the Vifaranga vya komputa assertion false?

Fourthly, is Raila a Luo leader? Baba ling’ thii is a call from Luos to their leader to pull the Luo soldiers out of the war with a corrupt illegitimate regime , supposedly to ensure the handshake holds. So who is going to command the rest of the non-Luo Baba base once their leader has quit the struggle for justice, ACCOUNTABILITY and good governance.

Fifth problem is that this theory of “let them steal and cripple Kenya so that Kikuyus and Kalenjins rise against their Muthamakis” is actually disingineous and foolish. No one is going to rise up against their ethnic Supremo on account of the fact that he has stolen too much. Revolution come an elite that is left out of the system organizing and offering an alternative agenda. Which Kalenjins or Kikuyu elite are going to go to the base to mobilize against their Supremos? Peasants will never rise against their elite. Expecting the Kalenjins farmers whose fertilizer has been traded off into private accounts is being naive. Our political science professor Anyang’ is the one who told us that in Africa the state is a recent phenomenon which alien and seen by Africans as an animal to hunted and eaten. Hence the “our time to eat” mentality. So if your sons and daughters are eating the mali ya umma ..the animal called the state and getting rich on behalf the community what is wrong? To imagine that the theft will lead to ethnic uprising is actually handing over the money and the power straight to Ruto before 2022. Raila through the handshake will be the facilitator of the death of the opposition’s oversight role, the death of his base, access by Ruto to his bases .. See what is already happening in Kisii and Coast which have been Raila’s bedrock base using the stolen money to bribe politicians. This will be recorded in history very dimly of Raila.

Finally You see we never left Kenya’s struggles to Kalenjins alone when Moi was President, looting and maiming Kenya. We pushed and pushed together. Yes the Luo and Kikuyu elite led that struggle for sure but all else were in it together. Why would we leave the struggle to Kikuyus and Kales now? Raila could be saying that he has handed over the leadership of the struggle without saying to whom. But it is false to say that “because we the Luos have paid the highest price, we will quit without a reward for our price, because the rest of the Kenyans did not help us in stopping the rigging”.. Then why did you handshake when the whole country which was your base had renewed their faith in your leadership, thrown out Kalonzo-Mudavadi-Wetangula as sellouts and prepared to push Uhuru out even the economy was to shut..?

My leader Raila Odinga is being misadvised by opportunistic politicians from Luo Nyanza and this misadvise will surely destroy Railas legacy. Let me seek an appointment to share with him on this. Nyasaye Jachwech gik duto, Gwedh thurwa ni kod pinywa, Romruok obed okumba gi jageng’. Med wa Kwe wakwai Nyasaye Nyakalaga.


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