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OPEN LETTER TO MIGUNA MIGUNA On The Occasion Of Being Nominated To Be Nairobi Deputy Governor


By Hon Jeremy Mbabu


Dear Miguna Miguna,

My worst nightmare, and I have alot of them,is that I woke up today to interesting news.Ahead of your entourage,you have been appointed as the D.Governor of Nairobi County.Well,CONGRATULATIONS!

Sir,indeed no problem is permanent and time has proven to be the solution.I still pray that it has come to pass.God is faithful.For me it’s a prayer answered.

Sir,I celebrate you!I embrace you!History will remember you.The man who singlehandedly refused impunity!What a guy!I watched in dismay a man,a father,a Kenyan citizen being humiliated in his own country,while the whole world was watching.

If you died today(and may God forbid),your body would be flown back to Kenya with or without a passport.The same leaders fighting you now would attend your burial in Nyando and hail you as a brave and revolutionary leader.What a self denial?

Today,I feel ashamed to share the same nationality with the monster cops who were beating Journalists and mishandling you at JKIA.You proved how uncouth,underdeveloped and unprofessional we were as a country.I feel ashamed to share nationality with the “good” people who celebrated your abduction,torture and harassment.

Infront of Raila Odinga,the goons whisked you to the Emirates plane.I remember how you struggled using your kenyan energy.Almost ten rogue police officers versus Miguna miguna.You were tough.I am convinced that you are not an average man.

I felt exhausted in body and spirit when I watched you walking in a pair of red-slippers,an odd sartorial choice for a man of your stature.Then I remembered your permanent fixture on local television stations,famous for your brilliantly argued thoughts and sometimes ludicrous overstatements on politics and political rivals.You were the ultimate political commentator.

What do you do when your country does not want you? I painfully remembered this song,”you only have one country,you only have one home”.But then again,Who is this “country”?I wondered.

I can only respect a man who stands for what he believes in even if I don’t share his beliefs.I really respect you sir!I can’t imagine 20 years from now and Kenya is being managed by handshake cartels and insincere humans.We have sunk too low.A person whose umbilical cord was buried in Nyando is not a Kenyan?Because government says so?Whether they accept it or not,you are a Kenyan by birth and death.

It was painful to hear people who were born in lodgings,whose birth notification certificates were signed by lodging attendants
engage in a conversation that you were not a Kenyan.Sir I am sure you have never been reborn elsewhere after you left.YOU ARE KENYAN CITIZEN BY BIRTH AND DEATH.

I don’t know how your sedators felt after exiling you.How do you go home to your own kids and embrace them warmly having it in mind that there is a child somewhere whose father won’t be coming home because of your actions?It really made me mad.It was at such times I found new hope in reminding myself that there was indeed another court.

Today,I am amazed at how fast some things and people can change.Is it not the same people who celebrated and supported “you being exiled”?I remember them how they celebrated some tough talking rogue government officials at a press conference who continously peddled lies about you being reborn somewhere else.

Now,Clever-mouthed Nairobian voters are shocked that Mike Sonko nominated you for position of deputy governor.This invitation by Sonko to have you as his deputy governor is a confession in disguise that the “cartels” in Nairobi have indeed made life difficult for sonko and he needs you to help him out.Sir,nobody has ever doubted your capabilities in fighting cartels and developing Nairobi.Come and dismantle these cartels.

As you come back sir.I am worried in my own country than in a foreign country.You were treated better by Arabs than your own Kenyans.But who injected you with sedatives drugs?Who drugged you into a toilet and held you incommunicado for days?These people were not Canadians or Arabs.They are Kenyans.

My heart goes out to your wife and kids.Having watched your father /spouse being harassed and humiliated ,it was/is distressing.May God give you courage.Whatever was done to your father was outright wrong.

I hope people who love You will find confort by sharing this open letter to welcome you.

Your truly,
Comrade Jeremy Mikanze



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