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Uhuru PR Team May Be ‘Prosecuted’ For Spreading Fake News on Job creation, Economy, Portal full of Lies?


By Anwar Sadat

President Kenyatta should have walked himself and his administration to the holding chambers and be processed for spreading fake news.

You remember they told us they created 6 million jobs and will be creating another 6 million; they said Jubilee will provide 1.8 million internships every year to college students; they said we will have nine stadiums in 3 months; they said they will fight corruption head on, etc.

All the above are fake news. But we know their motivation for the fake news bill is not to curb the “spreading” of fake news, but an extra weapon of terror and tyranny they have procured to terrorize those who speak against Jubilee.

What is the definition of fake news? Who will have the tools of measuring the fake news? Will it be Jubilee, the Chief propagator of Propaganda?

We will continue to speak and expose the corruption in Jubilee. When Matiang’i eats a choir member, we will report it; If Uhuru’s sister is characterized as disadvantaged and awarded billions of shillings in tenders, we will report it; If Githu Muigai is paid billions of shillings for a land that the government of Moi paid for in 1997, we will say it; If people are killed by dams because the owner bribed people in government to look the other way knowing the dam was poorly constructed, we will say it; If Ruto has bought property worth billions of shillings yet his salary is less than Kshs 2 million every month, we will say it.

Why would Jubilee expect the youth to be quiet when Jubilee is passing unemployed youths to pick old men for jobs? Why would Jubilee expect Kenyans to be quiet when Kenyans sleeps on floors in hospitals yet millions are lost to corruption in the ministry of health? Why would Jubilee expect Kenyans to be quiet when Kenya requests donors for food but the presidency spends Kshs 600 million on entertainment per year?

Jubilee can take away our jobs and opportunities for development, but they won’t take away our right to speak up through some draconian law!

Speaking we shall continue to speak.


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