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Why Hon Johnson Sakaja Will Always Be Blessed; Doing Little Things That Matter


By Hon Jim Bonnie

It is December 16, 2017 and Nairobi County senator Hon Johnson Sakaja is watching a Quarter Final match starring bitter rivals Pumwani and South C Ward. The action packed Ziwani grounds is playing host to different teams competing for the Koth Biro football cup Tournament.

From a vantage position at the VIP area Sakaja looks over the horizon and sees something that touches his heart, three lads wheeling their disabled friend to watch a football match. This is how he captures it: “These kids always wheel their friend to watch every day football games at Ziwani Grounds and can never leave him home. I love it”. (photo 1).

As the three lads draw closer, perhaps to take the back seats because the front seats are already grabbed, Sakaja motions them to come to him at the VIP. The three lads wheel their friend to where Sakaja is smiling that at last their beloved friend will enjoy the game from a clear view point.

Sakaja creates a space at the VIP for his new found buddy. The bromance between the senator and the young lad is aptly captured through the lenses on the second photo. “I was honoured to sit next to him and learn more about him”, he opined. (photo 2)

Armed with a caring heart, willingness to help and a desire to inspire, Sakaja opts not to make his encounter with the young lad a mere PR exercise as is common in our politics. He promises to do something.

December 20, 2017 he invites the kids to his senate office. He gives the young kid a brand new, more comfortable wheelchair. He mops dry his pending medical bills. He promises to pay school fees for the young lad plus his three friends who have stood by him through good and tough times (photo 3).

May 13, 2018 senator Sakaja and his friend are at the VIP dais enjoying quality football pitting the “husband of teams” Gor Mahia against Hull City FC in a friendly match at Kasarani stadium a sign that he has not only kept the promise of standing by the kid but is determined to demolish politics of fake promises and lies. From the look on the face of the beautiful kid he has never found a better friend. (photo 4)

We never celebrate good politicians like Sakaja. We only venerate the crooked ones.


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