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If RailaUhuru Truly Love Kenya They Should Rally Masses Behind Prof Kivutha Kibwana For President 2022


By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

Honestly speaking..

The most suited person to be president (Head of state & govt or head of govt) in 2022 of this great nation is Prof. Kivutha Kibwana.

This constitutional law juggernaut has transformed Makueni into a portrait of good governance where devolution success can be enviably hailed as other governors welter in cluelesness, despotism and ineptocracy through the facade of political correctness-they shamelessly hide behind loyalty to party leadership to shortchange the masses.

Unfortunately, in this nation we are madly obsessed with mediocrity and only fete political hooligans while we frown at truly selfless public servants changing lives with their unshakable determination, purposeful stewardship and higher approach to issues.

The other noisemakers you see running around like headless chicken in the name of seeking to lead this nation in 2022, are a bunch of nauseating vulture-like storytellers with zero idea of where to take this country. They are good from far but extremely far from good. Their negative energies has only succeeded in wounding this nation over time.

Kibwana completely wins my heart with his astute sense of administration, refusal to waste county resources on frivolities, huge investment in critical infrastructure/sectors, verifiable achievements forming greater part of the legacy he will leave behind for the future of the county.

He is and remains the most gleaming PRIDE OF DEVOLUTION in the entire republic.

While other leaders invent excuses for their lack of performance, Kibwana invents performance for his lack of excuses.

Bravo Kivutha Kibwana.


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