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”Hustlers Don’t Steal Public Resources Or Grab Land, They Work Hard” – Hon Midiwo Tells DP Ruto


Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo savagely hit out at Deputy President William Ruto accusing him of stealing public resources. Speaking during a talk show at a local FM station on Tuesday, May 15, the former MP dismissed Ruto’s self declaration as a hustler who represents the interests of ordinary Kenyans.

According to Midiwo, Ruto does not fit the true definition of a hustler because he lacks integrity which is an important attribute of real hustlers and needs not to call himself one.

The former Gem MP says Deputy President William Ruto does not qualify to call himself a hustler.

“Being a hustler does not mean you have to be a thief, grab forests or school land. Hustlers are individuals who work hard and with integrity to gain wealth,” said Midiwo. The politician who once served as leader of minority in the National Assembly quashed the narrative that Ruto’s presidential aspiration had suffered under the hands of individuals who wanted to protect their dynasties.

“Ruto is not a hustler and has amassed a lot of wealth hence needs no sympathy from the electorate. Being a hustler means getting up every morning and going to work to honestly earn a living which is not what the DP has done,” said Midiwo.

Midiwo accused William Ruto of fraudulently amassing his wealth. Midiwo strongly differed with individuals supporting Ruto’s bid on grounds that he would help overcome the politics of dynasties and serve the people, saying his character was highly questionable and not suitable for the big office. The MP’s sentiments come in the wake of Ruto having received backing for his presidential bid in 2022 from unlikely quarters.

The deputy president has reiterated his commitment to ascend to power in 2022 despite strong opposition from different quarters.

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot however differed with Jakoyo saying the former MP was a serial hater of Ruto. “Jakoyo has been consistently hating Ruto for reasons known to himself. Ruto is the ideal presidential candidate because there is no day dynasties will work for hustlers,” Cheruiyot said.

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