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Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu SLAPPED By Hon Doyo For Demeaning Somalis And Northern Kenya Communities


By Arap D

Seen some shitty comment by the Nyeri MP Ngunjiri Wambugu who thinks the Somali Community or even the whole of Northern Kenya Communities survive by the grace of a “Kikuyu controlled” treasury.

Let him be told in black and white the Northerners in Kenya are citizens not by privilege but by a right as any other community living in Kenya. Devolution and the money channelled to Northern Counties again is neither a favour nor something that he and his likeminded colleagues have control over.

May he also be reminded that he can go ahead and instigate a xenophobic war against Somalis if he wishes so, in his bid to appear popular amongst his people. Anyone with a quarter brain can tell what Ngujiri is upto. He is a habitual peddler of demagogic sentiments with a view to court controversy even where there is one. No one is worried though. We understand the quarters he speaks for own all instruments and institutions neccesary to monopolize violence. We shall handle it as it comes. The Northerners are known for a lot of things but cowardice has never been one of them.

I have lived with Kikuyus for a better part of my life. They are very sociable, friendly and peace loving. Majority struggle just like every other Kenyan to meet the life’s demanding needs. The ordinary Kikuyu is a great man with a great sense of egalitarianism.

But a messy clique of Kikuyu elites exists that feels Kenya is a private property owned by “them”. A clique that feels every other community that makes a good attempt at rising politically and economically is doing so at the expense of Kikuyus. A clique composed of people like Ngunjiri and his cousin Kanini Kega who believe all sovereign power in this country do not belong to all Kenyans but their ethnic base. A clique that believes power in Kenya should by all means never leave the Mountain.

Ngunjiri in his latest circus has been leading a war against William Ruto. And for obvious known reasons.

Personally, I look forward to a time that this elite clique of Kikuyu hegemony shall be deconstructed mercilessly. And verily, I will unequivocally support any one who I think can pull such. Unapologetically.

Yes. I said so.


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