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Zari Is Overrated, Whatever Appeared on TV Was A Pale Shadow Of Zari, Make-Up Misleads


By Jim B
What appeared on TV yesterday was a pale shadow of Zari. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a charred image of what we’ve been seeing on Instagram, twitter and facebook and an insult to our collective emotions. And Zari is not alone.

Most ladies rely on makeups to enhance their look. Without those crap they apply on their bodies they’d be scrambling for a space on the Guinness Book of world records for the ugly. Women who keep it natural have diminished in number. They’re as scarce as precious metals; as few as good leaders. In every 100 girls you meet only one may be maintaining natural hair, has not bleached her skin, doesn’t apply lipstick, doesn’t draw fake eyebrows, doesn’t have fake butts and doesn’t add additives to her vagina to smell like strawberry.

These women have made sweating a crime. Tell me, since when did you meet a lady who smell sweat? I mean that romantic sweat that turns you on? But that’s not all. Many ladies these days interfere with their vagina, that sacred place. They spray it with perfume and and fumigate it with all manner of chemicals for it to smell nice. Who told you a vagina needs to smell like strawberry or vanilla?

These days if you take a girl to bed you might be forgiven to think her vagina is a fruits factory. Some smell like orange, strawberry, coconut, vanilla, maembe, carrots you name it! I mean where did the natural smell of vagina that our grandfathers enjoyed go to?


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