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Hawkish Kalenjin Leaders Undermining DP Ruto 2022 Golden Opportunity


By Gilbert Okenya
Ruto’s minions in the Rift Valley are dancing themselves lame before the main dance. As it were, they are trying to outdo each other in pleasing their master.
However, they might end up burying any hope of W. S. Ruto becoming Kenya’s C in C forever.

For starters, the rest of the Kenyan communities which were not part of the Uhuruto Kikuyu-Kalenjin pact don’t give a damn about what the agreement therein was.

For all we care, Ruto has to show us what notable sacrifices he has made for this country that makes him deserve to be our next president. He must meet a certain threshold.

The presidency isn’t about some funny pre-ICC trials pact, cobbled up between two individuals, purportedly on behalf of their two communities.

Anybody planning to be Kenya’s next C-in-C must have his track record scrutinized under the microscope, and Ruto has one hell of a track record that, I must say, leaves a lot to be desired.

But then again; Isn’t it mind boggling that about 60 years after independence, the Kenyans presidency has only rotated between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities?

Who said that the country’s top office is a two communities affair in a country composed of over 40 communities? See why debate on the said pact is nauseating?

If these Ruto toadies believed the joke of a 10-year Uhuru reign followed by another 10-year Ruto reign, then they’re not just sickeningly naive about the true nature of our treacherous politics, but also suffer from an embarrassing overdose of false entitlement.

Am I the only one who finds this new refrain of “Ndume ni Mmoja Rift Valley” too repugnant and so 19th century? We know a bull’s main job in any farm is to mount and serve cows before it eventually becomes beef on some meat-eater’s dinner table.

If William Ruto is a bull, then your guess is as good as mine as to who the cows waiting to be mounted are. This is so demeaning to the esteemed residents of the great Rift Valley and should stop forthwith!

And Yes! I know that the “ndume” they keep yapping about is metaphorical. But the kind of metaphors you love using reveal a lot about your mindset and worldview.

If William Ruto happily allows his hangers-on to keep singing that he’s the only bull whose balls are heavy enough to serve all the “cows” in the Rift Valley, there are two things he can easily do since the presidency looks like a long shot.

He can choose to retire to his expansive Sugoi farm, in 2022, and buy as many cows as possible. That way, he will be kept quite busy.

Better still, he can hook up with Bonny Khalwale, the veteran bullfighter, so that he gets enlisted as one of the new fighter bulls in Khalwale’s team of intoxicated bulls.

But if he wants to be president in Kenya, he must earn it first. He must be ready to be thoroughly vetted by the Kenyan citizenry and give answers to very tough but pertinent questions.

Unleashing his sycophants to hold Kenyans at ransom by promising fire and brimstone if William Ruto isn’t coronated as president in 2022 only diminishes his chances of ever becoming our C-in-C.

Remember we are talking about 2022, not 1992. Now let me ask this question for the last time. What can William Ruto do if Uhuru reneges on their pre-2013/pact? What? Tell me please.


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