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Dear Hypocrites, Let Hon Moha Jicho Pevu Hang Out With DP Ruto, ‘Eating’ Is Not A Preserve Of Raila Only


By Arap D

I see a lot of buzz online apparently because Mohammed Ali attended a fundraiser that Deputy President William Ruto attended too.

Mohammed Ali is the Nyali MP. He has the choice to attend a fundraiser with whomever he wishes when invited.

More important, if he decides to back Ruto for whatever reason, it is his choice. All of us got choices. And they must be respected even if we do not agree with them.

He is a bright chap. That I know. His choice must have been well though out however much some of us might not validate it.

We who have known Moha for quite sometime, understand his struggles. From the past to the current. All those countless obstacles; both political and non-political that he has/had to put up with to come this far. Whatever decision he takes up is a well informed one; at least from where he stands.

Interestingly though, most of the people who are raising a finger now couldn’t raise it when Mohammed Ali was always publicly seen defending Raila Odinga even way before he was elected Nyali MP?

Did any of you, now shouting so loudly at the top of your voices question the association back then? Why didn’t you? Because Raila Odinga is a paragon of virtue and William Ruto a devil incarnate?

Did any of you, especially those affliated to ODM, raise a finger when Raila Odinga minions and Joho endlessly frustrated him; from ODM nominations to the Court petitions, as he sought to win the Nyali Seat. Did you? Spare us the crap now.

He who comes to equity comes with clean hands.

Let Mohammed Ali be. He is a politician, who just like all the others must survive the tough political terrain. His association never defined him before. It should never define him now or into the future.

What is most important is whether he shall execute his legislative mandate and service to the Nyali People that elected him.

The rest is noise.


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