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”Top Government Official Wants Me KILLED Jacob Juma Style For Supporting DP Ruto”- Hon Simon Mbugua Reveals


MAY 13, 2018.
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

As you are all aware, I am a free man after the courts freed me despite attempts by some forces to deny me my constitutional right and detain me behind bars.
However it pains me. It pains me a lot that a person of my stature in society can go through the humiliation that I went through.
Last week the police arrested me together with two others over framed up charges of robbery with violence. It was unfortunate for police to be used by a coalition of forces within government to blackmail and threaten us for political reasons.

We are all aware of the April 30th Boulevard Hotel incident. The incident recorded on camera led to a Ksh.2.5 million police bounty for the five suspects who allegedly went into hiding.

I would like to clarify that the robbery with violence charges preferred against me and two others are petty, laughable and political.
As you are all aware the five wanted persons have already filed an application in court seeking to be granted anticipatory orders pending their arraignment in court.

According to their application the five suspects say they are ready and willing to surrender to the police but they are apprehensive of their personal security.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me put the record straight that certain individuals within the government are determined to cover up their ills in the government by diverting our attention and fighting their imaginary enemies.

His Excellency, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has already been dragged into the saga and he’s being accused of being associated with the wanted persons. It’s not a secret that the narrative has been created by well known powerful individuals in the government who are fighting the governor’s leadership in Nairobi.
Nairobians and Kenyans at large should be aware that the same forces within government are busy fighting with elected leaders yet they have not cleared their names from allegations of mega corruption and abuse of office.

The question that I’m asking today is, if this can happen to a Member of Parliament, who is in no way associated with the subject matter, what of the normal ordinary citizen. How many innocent people do you think are languishing in jails as a result of ineptness by the police.

It has become fashionable for the police to arrest Members of Parliament to ease public pressure or for them to show that they’re working and most those cases are dismissed in court due to lack of evidence for example recent arrest and prosecution of former Laikipia MP Mathew Lempurkel and former Gatundu North MP Clement Waibara who were both charged with murder but were later acquitted due to lack of evidence.

The trumped up charges to Members of Parliament are unheard. I’m not in a position to discuss a case that’s in court, however as it stands the case is dead on arrival.
I am asking my fellow Members of Parliament to rally behind me because today it’s Simon Mbugua and tomorrow it will be another MP if we don’t condemn the harassment of leaders.

I believe that this is all politics and it revolves around Nairobi politics and 2022 succession politics. Governor Sonko is my brother and a great friend , we are inseparable. No amount of intimidation by Interior Security Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho will force me to abandon Governor Sonko.

Kibicho is not bigger than Kenya. He might be holding the powerful security docket for now but he should know that there were many appointees in that position before him. He should stop fighting leaders like us who are supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

I would also like to urge the police not to be used by civil servants to frustrate politicians because of their political stand. In particular I’m calling on Nairobi County CID Commander Ireri Kamwende to keep from Nairobi politics and concentrate on improving security in the city and also finalize probe on unresolved murder cases `of prominent people during his tenure in office.

Cold blood murder cases of former Kabete MP George Muchai, businessman Jacob Juma, IEBC official Chris Msando and others remain unresolved due to lack of proper investigation by police.

I’m now calling upon the Inspector General of Police to act and make changes in Nairobi’s security hierarchy since Kamwende has overstayed in his station for over ten years contrary to police tradition. During Kamwende’s tenure in office in Nairobi we have witnessed unprecedented cases of insecurity, land grabbing and assassinations escalating, while the IG continues to hold him in office.
As Martin Luther once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.
Thank you.
Hon. Simon Mbugua
Member of Parliament
East African Legislative Assembly


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