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These Are Facts No One Will Tell You, Read And Share, Very Important


These are facts no one will tell you
1. The person who argues least in a conversation is always right

2. The man sitted alone in a pub and quietly drinking his beer is the most loaded. Those proud men in a pub are broke like hell.

3. Genuine friends are those who tell you on your face, “you’re wrong”.

4. The fewer the friends, the better

5. Facebook has 20% active members, the rest are stalkers—they login, never comment, never like, never share but they know what you update on daily basis.

6. It doesn’t mean when you work harder than the rest, you’ll be the most rewarded. Life involves 50% luck and 50% hard work.

7. Women’ utilize their minds fully when arguing with men—they mostly use their mouth more than brains when in a group of fellow women. It’s for this reason that women who interact most with men become more successful.

8. There are two types of friends to avoid: The jealous and the selfish—they can harm you if they can’t keep up to your speed.


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