Home News Five Kikuyu Women Caught ‘Enjoying Themselves’ With Dildos In Public

Five Kikuyu Women Caught ‘Enjoying Themselves’ With Dildos In Public


A group of women were filmed at an undisclosed location having a time of their life as they talked derisively about the size of a dildo.

They are seen casually passing around the pink dildo, wondering how it works and whether is can be used with a condom on it.

“It’s not big that …. It’s actually too small that I can’t feel anything unless it vibrates,” an excited woman comments.

She passes it to the woman sited next to her who also plays around with it and wonders; “If this side is for us then the other is for (who)?

The women, who were all talking in Gikuyu, responded; “Anal sex”.

Another excited woman adds; “It’s a handle.”

The women then engage in a loud argument for a while, then one picks up the dildo and says; “It doesn’t matter how I use it as long as it gives me orgasms.”

They burst into loud laughter before another woman asks; “Do you actually put a condom on it or do you just use it the way it is?”

The owner of the dildo picks it up and returns it into her handbag before answering; “Why put a condom if its only for your own use, not unless you are sharing or you are lesbians that is.”


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