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”You Are Panicking Because Mt Kenya Support Is In Doubt, Stop Hallucinating”- DP Ruto Told By NASA Chief


Raila Odinga’s key allies have hit out at Deputy President William Ruto following his political actions since he stormed retired President Moi’s home without an appointment leading to severe disappointment.

Raila’s allies strongly responded to the DP Ruto’s attack dogs who publicly claimed Raila was using the truce with President Uhuru Kenyatta to scheme for the presidency in 2022.

Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen and NA leader Aden Duale together with a dozen Mt Kenya MPs statement brought to fore the tension in camp Ruto

Raila allies have accused Ruto of fighting the wrong war and predicted his political downfall for allegedly pegging his candidature solely to support from the Mt Kenya region.

“He [Ruto] is the most insecure candidate and it is now bordering on hallucination. He is seeing an enemy in everyone instead of forging allies,” said NASA chief executive Norman Magaya

He added, “But this will only yield one thing: the penultimate defeat of the Ruto project. Kenyans must come together and unite to stop this project. It’s not good for the country.”

Magaya was responding to Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen, a close ally of Ruto, who on Sunday claimed Raila was engaging in political activities instead of preaching peace and unity.

ODM Treasurer Timothy Bosire said Raila has a right to contest in 2022 if he wishes.

The former Kitutu Masaba MP said Jubilee boardroom agreements are not binding on Kenyans and anybody is free to run for the top job.

“The People’s President should not be intimidated by anybody for it is (his) constitutional right to do that which will make Kenya better than it is today. At 76, Ayatollah took over and changed Iran, at 74, Jomo Kenyatta took over as President, Mandela became President at the age of 77 and closer to home, Kibaki himself took over as President well into his 70s,” Bosire told local media

He went on, “He [Raila] can be a candidate 10 times or even 20 times because the Constitution doesn’t say don’t stand. He has been the architect of democracy in this country… He is free to stand because he has never gotten an opportunity of serving the country, maybe this is the time.”

Last week during Kenneth Matiba’s funeral service, Uhuru said he was aware some people on his and Raila’s sides were secretly opposed to the deal, but he did not name anyone.

On Sunday, Raila distanced himself from the remarks by Orengo, his key ally, who had claimed he was already planning for the 2022 presidential race.

Raila said he is focused on the truce which, among others, seeks to end ethnic animosity in Kenya.

Source: The STAR


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