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”Donald Trump Is Not Welcome To My Funeral Next Month”- Ailing Arizona Senator John McCain Says


Last month Bush family matriarch Barbara Bush ordered all treatment on her to be stopped and she went home to laugh with her family as she waited to die.
It is called dying in dignity for those who have actualized themselves. She died three days later.

It is now the turn of John McCain. The man who has been a US Senator since 1987 is expected to die anytime in the month of May, latest June.
Already Presidents Obama and George Walker Bush have confirmed they will speak at his funeral and are preparing for it.

John McCain himself has abandoned his senatorial duties and retreated to his ranch in Arizona to wait for his impending death just like Barbara before him.
With the venue of his funeral service confirmed in Washington, Mcain is issuing orders. He has ordered US President Donald Trump not to appear at his funeral. He has said he will allow US Vice President Mike Pence to speak at his funeral expected anytime from now.

Those who live a life of purpose, do not fear death.

Mcain waits. It will be later this month or June latest.


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