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Open Letter To Nairobi Governor Sonko Triggers Suspense On What Next From The Author #IfikieSonko


From The Eye_Nrb

Dear Mr. Governor,
I would have said, ‘I hope this finds you well in your office’ but am not sure you are there, thus is say, ‘I hope this finds you online’. We have seemingly moved our County Office to P.O Box Facebook, Nairobi. Not that am complaining but come on, some of us still prefer protocol even in these changing times.

Anyway, now that we are here now, let us talk. It’s been eight months in office and a million posts on your social media accounts. You are kind to keep us posted on everything happening around you. It started with videos of you ‘catching’ rouge officers laundering county revenue. We liked and shared the videos a million times over. This is the leadership we want! At this moment, we remembered your selfless fight for the good of the people. Days when you fought walls, laid on the soil as you led masses on a war against graft of the capricious cartels threatening the city. We remembered.

We moved on to posts of you laying bare the actual accounts of daily revenue collected in the County. We sought openness, alas! We have found it, on your Facebook page. A leader should not fear scrutiny. A leader should be honest. Again, we liked and shared a million times over.

We have added to our daily morning ritual to check your account for updates for how the beautiful capital is doing. We comment and you are at times kind to respond. Who would have thought the online office would be so effective? You are kind even to share your convos with the DG, now former. When are we getting a new one by the way? You did hold polls on the same rem? And we participated and gave you who we want as our DG, remember?

Whilst we do appreciate you keeping us posted on what your office is doing, we will also be kind to share how things are where we are. I intend to update you on how things are around me on our new online office.

Last weekend my brother asked me what I thought of you and I told him, “you are trying, we should give you time”. However, a few things I will like to point out …. (in my next letter.)

Yours truly,
The Eye
When the light is come, the eye shall see.


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