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WHY Uhuru Humbled Himself, ‘Knelt’ and Begged Raila To Support His Government


By Kiberenge J

After eating humble pie and stretching his hand for Raila, Uhuru must be sitting pretty comfortable that his second term will leave behind a remarkable legacy, unlike his first term when his government was held hostage by looters masquerading as “hustlers” and “sons of peasants”.

Indeed, every time Raila has poked his head in the government, there has been very remarkable progress in the interest of Kenyans including Thika Super High way, Northern &Southern Bypasses, free primary education, devolution,SGR which is Raila’s brain child, just to mention a few. There is nothing of substance to report about in Jubilee’s first term except non existent ghost projects and massive looting of public resources by the so called “hustler networks” from Rift Valley to Central.

Immediately Raila Odinga shook Uhuru’s hand, the shilling recouped it’s strength against the dollar, investors trickled back, the Nairobi Security Exchange shot back to life, the clouds gathered and the skies opened to release rain in plenty. The handshake will not only help Uhuru to build his legacy which was in tatters, but will also benefit Kenyans in terms of development.

One thing a supporters and critics agree about Raila is that his age not withstanding, he is an undisputed creative and innovative thinker.Uhuru must have resolved to dedicate his second term to development when he reached out to Raila. He realised that the so called self proclaimed “hustlers” who surround him are only resourceful in politicking and yelling at opponents, but have no tangible ideas in terms of development and are not useful in achieving the Big 4 Agenda.

That explains why Raila was accorded a special previledge to make a key note speech in the devolution conference- a speech that would form the basis of discussions as the conference comes to an end, unlike Ruto who is entailed to make closing remarks at the end.

Uhuru must humble himself and tap into Raila’s brains to make his second term a success.

Anybody opposed to the handshake between Raila and Uhuru is a prophet of doom, a merchant of discord, a poisonous vile trollers and an enemy of our beloved country, for lack of better words.

In Uhuru’s words, such are fellows who were thriving on the enmity between him and Raila to survive politically. Uhuru realised that bringing together Kikuyus and Kalenjins did not amount to uniting Kenya as envisaged, rather, it only amounted to uniting central and Rift Valley. It’s a fact, indisputable and un-debatable that the only way to unite Kenya from Logichogio to Lamu, from Malava to Wajir, and from Rusinga to Moyale, is to bring together the Kikuyu and the Luo. Debating against this is committing an injustice to solid history. The two communities that influence and dictate the politics of Kenya are the Luo and Kikuyu.

The handshake must be lauded,celebrated,appreciated and supported


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