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WHY Governor Sonko CONQUERS Nairobi Despite Opposition By The Greedy Mt. Kenya Mafia


By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

If you love or hate him, if you countenance or discountenance his meritorious character, you are at liberty to decide. They wise say a drop of ink makes a million think. But, I am neither dropping mine to bedazzle anyone, nor am I hired to extol someone.

However, I can readily demonstrate that Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi also rechristened as Sonko, has proved both haters and pundits wrong following his generous activities to jumpstart the economic lives of the underprivileged.

Whoever thought nothing good can come out of a parentless child, need to re-examine his pathetic illusions. Sonko’s charitableness is buttressed by the fact that he transcends religion and tribe.

Since Sonko joined the political football as a striker, he has scored countless hat tricks more than any other player in form of development. Since he was birthed politically not long ago, he has been growing successful and victorious by the day. Without a doubt, I can implacably confess – even by affording unassailable evidence – that the gates of hell cannot prevail against this man because the great gods, who nursed and nurtured the bigheartedness in him, have not misplaced their vision. Rather, they keep injecting new ideas and fresh energy that keep the flames of selflessness in him burning unrelentingly. That’s this inspirational bloke is doing exactly what he was meant to do in this life.

Mt. Kenya Mafia are not happy that Sonko is the Governor f Nairobi. They have gone as far as diverting the rain waters from filling Ndakaini so that when the rains stop, Nairobians will lack water and blame their governor.

But From KAKUMA to MBOONI, Mombasa to Malaba, Kisumu to Isebania, Nairobi to Kisii, Machakos to Garissa, everyone knows the game by these people from the mountain. They know well that Sonko denied them an opportunity to fleece the county with their corrupt tendencies. That is why Igathe left. But the people trust Sonko. Nairobians have seen change in him and they tand with him. No wonder he managed to marshal close to a million voter soldiers that sent him to the helm of Nairobi leadership as Governor.

Despite the massive multiplication of character snipers, Governor Sonko’s unwavering extraordinary account of good deeds will permanently remain unexpurgated. As the English say “A good example is the best sermon” Remember this is the man who paid in full baby Scandy’s surgery fiefs in India among others.

Nevertheless, even the recent Nazification of his character and reputation by Mt. Kenya hate-mongers for hire is totally unsuccessful.

To demonstrate his unflagging commitment to the betterment of health care among Kenyans, Governor Sonko has set up private gut-wrenching rescue team that responds resoundingly to all sorts of emergencies free of charge. Strikingly, such dutiful gesture is undoubtedly a personified commitment worthy of emulation. But those brothers of ours are envious of this too.

Truthfully speaking, no human is perfect and the Nairobi governor is no exception. In fact, in Gusii land where I was birthed thirty something years ago, my antecedents used to advice that “Even the King’s anus has some odour no matter how flamboyant he looks” The governor just like any human being, has his shortcomings too. But since a good name is better than a good face, his good deeds neutralizes all. After all “A calm sea never made a skilled mariner”

A good leader leads at the battlefront and not the one who makes mountains out of molehills by giving petty excuses on why he cannot tour troubled parts areas of his domain. Once a poor young man, H.E. the governor understands pretty well that a day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy.

When his people are calamitously struck, Governor Sonko despite the time, place, weather and nature of the calamity, is always at the forefront to ensure serenity is restored. Just like Everett Dirksen, Governor Sonko is a man of fixed principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.

The exceptional enterprises performed by this maverick and venturesome politician have birthed adversaries from within and without his political spheres. The incomparable activities Sonko has partaken in are the best defense against any unholy tribal alliances fashioned against him.

Call him whatever you want, anything – but Sonko’s character will forever gladden the great people of Nairobi.

Many say that this man should go for the presidency. Peradventure, he is the man to save this country; there is no gainsaying the fact. If governor Mike is an example of a thief, then we should have more of those thieves. If Sonko pilfers from the rich and shares it among the impecunious/poor, what is the big deal?

Other economic robbers, who claim they are elected to serve, should emulate the sterling example of this man and desist from gross of public offices. After all, he who fails to learn is not wise. What Sonko has done is ultimately unrivalled no matter how hard Mt. Kenya crackpots launch opposing diatribes against him.

If this we had only 100 Sonkos, this country would be the best place to live. He has set a new standard of excellence for Kenyans to strive toward and Nairobians and Kenyans owe this man of the moment, a huge debt of gratitude. Long live Governor Sonko.

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(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)


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