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To Survive Politically Musalia And Wetangula Must Disassociate Themselves With DP Ruto On Referendum


By Jacktone Ambuka

I just read a story in today’s Daily Nation newspaper claiming that Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto has successfully convinced Mudavadi and Wetangula to be on his (Ruto) side in rejecting amendments to the constitution. My unsolicited advise for Mudavadi and Wetangula is that they should quickly disassociate themselves with William Ruto on four accounts.

First, William Ruto has got zero credibility in the fight for constitutional dispensation. He doesn’t understand the importance of the rule of law. He thrives in a culture of political shenanigans and corruption that characterizes Kenya’s politics. His record on advocating for a just, constitutional and equal society is in tatters.

Importantly, it’s Ruto’s insatiable appetite to amass wealth by all means necessary that ruins his public reputation for any moral leader to stand alongside him (Ruto) on any issue leave alone an issue as important as amending the constitution.

Secondly, world over, constitutional amendment is a nationally accredited exercise that happens when it’s required in accordance with the wishes of citizens. That’s why amendment clauses are contemplated in every constitution.

Third, constitutions world over are regarded as living documents that must be routinely revisited to align them with evolving cultural expectations of a given society. Constitutions are not static. Neither are they cast in stones. Rather, they are dynamic. To make them more responsive to the needs of citizens, they must be amended.

Fourth, in the wake of implementation of Kenya’s constitution, it is undeniable that we’ve detected lacunas and ambivalences that needs to be amended to fine tune it into ecstatic living document.


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