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Scophine Otieno: Sex, Is An ART Not An ACT. Come, Indulge Me Dear Married Friends, Let Us Ride Together


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By Scophine Otieno

Love making between married couples is beautiful, two imperfect souls in a perfect union making the greatest wonder the world has ever seen, love.

When passion is the lubricant, lovers slide into each other with ease; like a well toned arm sliding in the sleeves of an impeccably tailored Italian Suit.

Thus, the need for a performance enhancing drug or Celine Dion’s crooning voice in the background becomes like black pepper in a pot of soup- a spice a meal can do without.

Come, indulge me dear married friends, let us ride together,

Sex, is an ART not an ACT

Like the art of painting an exquisite piece, one that can be hanged in the most sacred of chambers, with the brush drooling over the canvas, paint flowing unhindered.

Or akin to driving a luxury car, a model with an insatiable engine and one whose tank does not empty quick, passing through bumps with ease. A car with Stamina is able to cut the corner that is your woman’ walls, one whose rubber grips the road as she does you in an engulfing embrace.

Such a car ensures everyone on board makes it to their destination.

And to reach the destination, you need the attitude of a pirate, to discover those treasures hidden in molds of flesh.

Pray tell, if you put a piece of cake in your mouth, words would not be able to clearly spell the oral stimulation of your taste buds as they discern the flavor, be it Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry… Right? You will find a combination of sugar, spice and unlimited pleasure, all working together to thrust you beneath the shade of passion, bring you to the shore of climax and drown you in an ocean of ecstasy.

Now I have your attention.

Imagine if such passion was thwarted, disrupted, soiled, eclipsed by the fear of unplanned Pregnancy?

I will tell you why as a man, if you love your partner enough, you must take the initiative to handle the birth control.




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