Hon Kenneth Matiba Died After A Long Painful Life, His Tormentors Have Big Influence In Government


    By Ogunyo Thiring’inyi

    Matiba died last week after a long painful life; his tormentor remains around..

    Around May 1991, Matiba suffered a serious stroke while in detention as a prisoner of conscience. But it was painful that Moi kept him in detention without trial and without medication for more than a week that deteriorated his health condition to the worst. A medical report availed then in court showing he had suffered stroke and still that could not make Moi release him.

    He was only released on June 1991 when another head scan confirmed a serious bleeding in brain that required urgent blockage of arteries. He therefore suffered permanent disability and brain damage. Later, this confined him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The quest for second liberation went down with him, hoo! POLE!.

    His massive wealth and several neurosurgeons the family engaged in London couldn’t return him to his previous life status. Detention caused him brain damage. Brain damage is irreparable medically. None in political circles came to his rescue. His properties were auctioned. No government intervention came his way during his painful life.

    Moi’s dictatorship exposed many agitators for second liberation to harsh treatment and bundled many into detention.Lack of medical care while Matiba was in prison, harassment and barbaric treatment exposed him to stroke and brain damage. Its the cost of our liberation.

    His woes began when he and Charles Rubia called a press conference to demand that Kenya revert to multiparty state, dissolution of parliament to pave way for fresh elections and an end to mismanagement of public affairs.

    May his saul RIP.


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