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Dear Miguna, Did You Watch Cmde Malema Lit Fire At Winnie Mandela Funeral? You Must Learn From Him Fast!


By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

If Miguna watched and listened keenly to Comrade Malema lit Orlando Stadium, then he must quickly run to the laundry and shift his core message if he hopes to be different and attract a loyal fan base. Fighting impunity and despotism is too academic and elitist of a message,its even unrealistic and too idealist. Those are topics for thesis and dissertations.

In reality they are not possible because power corrupts even the saintly. What people want to hear is how the price of unga will come down say to Ksh 50, how that lady who cooks chapati down the street will save and buy her car to make work easier, how that young barely literate hustler in the hood who create jobs can be rewarded to do better or go professional, how cost of electricity can come down and how every home will have cheap affordable cooking gas etc.

Malema is reawakening the original ANC dream of black empowerment through EFF, this gentleman has singlehandedly resurrected the land restoration issue that today ANC is playing catch-up with its land appropriation white paper. Malema is the next big thing and Miguna has a lot of benchmarking and rebranding to do.

Ngiyabonga Malema, inkosi ikubusise.


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